BYXnet IRC Server List

the byxnet IRC network can be accessed by using any standard IRC client software and connecting to server names or; use port 6667 for standard IRC, or port 994 for secured/encrypted SSL connections.

note: at the time of this writing, byxnet IRC server-to-server connections are not encrypted; you must ensure you are connected to the same server if you want secured direct client-to-client conversation.

you can join the #byxnet chat channel if you have questions; please be patient, as it can (and often does) take a while for people to notice you have arrived and to respond to your question.. ;-)

waiting for an answer on IRC while working on something else is the practice of "being idle" (idling), also sometimes called "lurking". ask your question, then go work on something else, leaving the IRC client connected. as long as you're still connected, you will see if anyone has answered you at some point while you weren't watching.

last updated by yossman on 2018-08-24.